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Atlas of Diagnostic Radiology of the Horse

Shop This radiographic atlas familiarizes the equine practitioner with all common and uncommon features of the various bone and joint diseases of the equine limbs. Illustrated with high quality radiographs the clinical significance is defined and additional information is noted if necessary. Schematic drawings are added if adequate to facilitate the observation of small obscure details and to summarize characteristic lesions. For this 2nd revised edition many new illustrations are included which cover all parts of the equine limb with emphasis on the various lesions of the foot, fetlock abnormalities, carpal disorders as well as common and uncommon hock and stifle lesions. Text contains specific case discussions and offers clear description of the radiographic diagnosis or differential diagnosis. The authors Kees Jan Dik, DVM, Phd is Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging. He is full professor of diagnostic imagin...

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BMS 4510 NDH

Shop 4 Neodym Hochtontreiber 80 W 16 Ohm BMS 4510 NDH: Features:Unique Planar Wave Design (patent pending) Neodymium Magnet Assembly Perfect acoustical coupling of individual units to create virtually continuous line source 112 dB sensitivity 1 W / 1 m 1 kHz Crossover Extended high frequency response up to 20 kHzThe BMS 4510ND Planar wave driver radiates a coherent planar wave front form a rectangular piston without internal diffraction for superior dispertion control and high fidelity sound. This distinctive new transducer was engineered to work with 4-inch (4 x 1) rectangular throat waveguides providing extremely high sensitivity. The 4510ND is optimised for 10° vertical dispertion and allows a horizontal coverage from 60° to 120° depending on the waveguide used. The unique design of the 4510ND planar wave driver allows perfect acoustical coupling of individual units to create virtually continuous line source. The driver contains a high en...

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Eminence Legend BP 102 A

Shop 10 Lautsprecher 200 W 8 Ohm Eminence Legend BP 102 A: Recommended for professional bass guitar applications in a sealed or vented enclosure. Works well in single or multidriver designs. SPECIFICATIONNominal Basket Diameter 10, 254 mmNominal Impedance 8 ohmsPower Rating Watts 200 W / Music Program 400 WResonance 35 HzUsable Frequency Range 40 Hz - 2 kHzSensitivity 92Magnet Weight 38 oz.Gap Height 0.312, 7.92 mmVoice Coil Diameter 2, 50.8 mm THIELE & Small ParametersResonant Frequency (fs) 35 HzDC Resistance (Re) 5.59Coil Inductance (Le) 0.83 mHMechanical Q (Qms) 5.36Electromagnetic Q (Qes) 0.47Total Q (Qts) 0.43Compliance Equivalent Volume (Vas) 91.2 liters / 3.2 cu. ft.Peak Diaphragm Displacement Volume (Vd) 207ccMechanical Compliance of Suspension (Cms) 0.54 mm/NBL Product (BL) 10.0 T-MDiaphragm Mass inc. Airload (Mms) 38 gramsEfficiency Bandwidth Product (EBP) 75Maximum Linear Excursion (Xmax) 6.2 mmSurface Area of Cone (Sd) 334.5 cm²...

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